We like pickled eggs.
We like pubs.
We really like pubs that sell pickled eggs.
We make our own pickled eggs too!

This site was supposed to be about pubs that sell pickled eggs, but somewhere along the way we got sidetracked into the dark-dark world of the picked egg (in general). Originally just a simple list of pubs that still sell pickled eggs. Then came the pickled egg merchandise/t-shirt shop. Later arrived some pickled egg videos. Then people started asking questions, so we gave them an FAQ page. We then found a lot of other good pickled egg stuff out there so we gave the world a links page. Lastly for those of you who want to know how to make pickled eggs, we have written a thorough 'write up' of our very own pickled egg recipe, we hope you enjoy what you find!

Pubs that sell Pickled Eggs

have a look at the website of our friends at Hairy Bar Snacks, The Pork Scratching Website

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Man suffocates to death after stuffing mouth with four pickled eggs for £5 bet

Man suffocates to death after stuffing mouth with four pickled eggs for £5 bet Condolences to his family. DRINKER David Mitchell in his local after accepting a £5 bet to eat four pickled eggs in a minute, an inquest heard. The retired builder, 66, refused to spit them out despite losing the wager Source: Man suffocates…

Drunk biker blames eating pickled eggs for being over the limit

Lee Vaschez, 40, scoffed his favourite alcohol-soaked treats before crashing his Ducati. He was almost twice the legal limit when police were called to an accident near his home in Ipswich, Suffolk. Vaschez admitted drink-driving when he appeared before South East Suffolk magistrates’ court. Wayne Ablett, for the prosecution, said he told officers he had…